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    ijo Linku are the collection of data and tools around the Linku dictionary project

    Tools using Linku data

    Linku provides the data set as a public json file, jasima Linku

    • lipu Linku, the main dictionary page
    • nimi.li, an interactive dictionary that extends the Linku data with addition words too obscure or unused to be considered for Linku yet.

    Linku Usage Surveys

    Periodically, the Linku team puts out word usage surveys in order to update the dictionary with the best information.

    Usage Categories

    Based on those surveys, Linku assigns words to a few broad categories:

    • Core - Words used by 90% or more of speakers
    • Widespread - Words used by 70-90% or more of speakers
    • Common - Words used by 50-70% or more of speakers
    • Uncommon - Words used by 20-50% or more of speakers
    • Rare - Words used by 10-20% or more of speakers
    • Obscure - Words used by less than 10% of speakers

    Survey Results

    • 2022 Survey Results (345 responses)
      • Note: The 2022 survey changed the methodology. It asks "do you use this word". Previous years asked "Do you consider this word real". Because of this, results from 2022 and after cannot be directly compared to 2021 and before
    • 2021 Survey Results (152 responses)
    • 2020 Survey Results (86 responses)