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sona pona (lit. 'good knowledge') is a primarily English-language wiki for information on Toki Pona learning and usage. It is hosted by Miraheze on the domain, at Its main goal is to make reliable, up-to-date Toki Pona knowledge publicly available.

History[edit | edit source]

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sona pona was created by jan Kita in August 2022. Much of the early content on sona pona originates from ma pona pi toki pona, which uses bots to save and access "notes" including short boilerplate lessons and lists of learning resources. In September 2021, jan Pensa collated many of the most useful notes into the ... usefulquotes document,[1] attempting to solve this system's discoverability problems.[2] sona pona expands on this goal by publishing information in a manner visible to search engines, and using wiki navigation features to cross-reference articles.

Other articles, namely History and Where is Toki Pona used?, originated as lipu Wikipesija project pages. These were created as arguments for Toki Pona to be added to the ISO 639-3 language code standard.

In November 2023, ma pona pi toki pona implemented a shortcut to sona pona links by typing wikitext link syntax,[3][a] allowing full articles to be invoked as easily as the notes system.

On 28 February 2024, a Discord server for sona pona was created. Previously, synchronous discussion took place in forum threads on the ma pona pi toki pona and kama sona servers. The separate server allows discussions to be separated across multiple channels and issue tracking threads, and has a mirror of the feed of recent changes.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. For example, upon posting "you're missing a [[li]] and [[e]]", a bot links to the sona pona articles li and e.

References[edit | edit source]

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    There is a ton of useful information about Toki Pona in ilo pi sike lili's database, but

    • it’s hard to know which useful quotes exist without memorizing all the codes
    • the information isn’t available outside of the Discord server
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