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kala Asi (pronouns: she/they), also known as Aci (short for Acipenser sturio), is a Russian software developer and the creator of the Linku dictionary project.[1]

Contributions[edit | edit source]

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Date Contribution
2020, February 5 contributed a Russian - Toki Pona course to Sketchy Language. As of 2023, Sketchy Language is broken.
2020, April 21 kalama nimi pi toki pona
2020, April 28 Word Poll 2020
2020, May 8 started work with jan Lakuse, jan Olipija and others on "lipu pi toki pona" (later "lipu sona"), a failed dictionary / course website
2020, May 19 a poll to establish a tonsi glyph
2021, January 27 nimi a, a page linking to sites that sound like Toki Pona words
2021, May 2 first iteration of "toki pi kama ante", a rapidly evolving tokiponido
2021, May 6 kili loje
2021, August 7 (sptp 2021) toki pi kama ante
2021, August 16 toki sina li seme?
2021, August 21 cartouches, a small page for training cartouche reading
2021, September 20 a series of colour word polls
2021, October 17 Word Poll 2021
2021, October 25 first iterations of lipu Linku. Work on ilo Linku is happening around the same time
2022, August 17 Word Poll 2022
2022, August 19 (sptp 2022) Linku li seme?
2023, March 5 tomo Wasinsan
2023, August 7 (sptp 2023) wile sona nimi
2023, August 9 cover of "pipi li kon"
2023, August 12 tawa pi pakala wile
2023, August 21 meli pimeja
2023, September 6 Word Poll 2023

References[edit | edit source]

  1. kala Asi. (19 August 2022). "Linku li seme?". kala Asi [@kala_asi]. YouTube. Retrieved 16 December 2023.

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