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    When typing in toki pona on a phone, many people find the built-in autocorrect feature to be disruptive.

    Here's how to handle that:

    Add toki pona words to autocorrect dictionary[edit | edit source]

    Words in toki pona can be added to the autocorrect dictionary, so that the device doesn't change them any more.

    iOS[edit | edit source]

    Android[edit | edit source]

    Turn autocorrect off[edit | edit source]

    Dealing with automatic capitalization[edit | edit source]

    iOS[edit | edit source]

    Settings app > General > Keyboard > uncheck "Auto-Capitalization"

    Android[edit | edit source]

    Samsung keyboard[edit | edit source]

    Go to Samsung keyboard's settings with one of these steps:

    • Select the gearwheel on the keyboard
    • or go to the Settings app > System&updates > Language&input ( > On-screen keyboard) > Samsung keyboard
      • or Settings > General management > Samsung keyboard settings, depending on the phone

    Find "auto capitalize" (might be listed under "Smart typing")

    Gboard[edit | edit source]

    Go to Gboard's settings with one of these steps:

    • Long press on the key next to the key that brings you to the special characters (usually ,)
    • or select the gearwheel from the action menu above the letters
    • or go to the Settings app > System&updates (or General management) > Language&input ( > On-screen keyboard) > Gboard

    Then find "Text correction" and uncheck "Auto-capitalisation"

    Microsoft Word[edit | edit source]

    File > Options > "Proofing" tab > "Autocorrect Options" button > uncheck "Capitalize first letter of sentences" and "Capitalize first letter of table cells" in the "Autocorrect" tab

    Google Docs[edit | edit source]

    Tools > Preferences > uncheck "Automatically capitalise words" in the "General" tab