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Marek Blahuš (left), Eliazar Parra Cárdenas (center), and Peter Baláž (right) holding a copy of the lessons during a meetup in Modra, Slovakia in 2013

Toki Pona in 76 illustrated lessons (Spanish: Toki pona en 76 lecciones ilustradas; ISBN 978-80-89366-20-0) is a 2004 Spanish-language textbook created by Mexican enthusiast Eliazar Parra Cárdenas.

These lessons were later translated into English (trans. Dave Raferty, 2009)[1] and Esperanto (trans. Marek Blahuš, 2013),[2] and partially into French (2006, only the first 32 lessons).[3]

On 12 July 2013, jan Male translated the textbook into Esperanto and published it under an Esperanto publishing house with its own ISBN,[4] becoming the first printed textbook of Toki Pona. It was first made available at the Somera Esperanto-Studado (Summer Esperanto Study) 2013, a week-long event that takes place every summer in Martin, Slovakia. jan Sonja wrote a preface praising the relationship between Esperanto and Toki Pona and expressing thanks to jan Male and Eliazar Parra Cárdena. The second edition appeared during the Konferenco pri Aplikoj de Esperanto en Scienco kaj Tekniko (Conference on Applications of Esperanto in Science and Technology) 2014 in Modra, Slovakia.[5][6]

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