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7 August 2023

  • curprev 23:1423:14, 7 August 2023Menasewi talk contribs 627 bytes +627 Created page with "{{Nonstandard}} '''Denasalization''' is a sound change caused by no airflow through the nose. It can happen when a common cold blocks the sinuses. In general, the voiced plosives {{IPA|[b d ɡ]}} would be interpreted as the Toki Pona phonemes {{IPA|/p t k/}}. However, {{IPA|[b d]}} are also close to denasal {{IPA|[m͊ n͊]}}, which could be allophones of {{IPA|/m n/}}. Denasalization suggests that {{tp|nena mi}} ("my nose") could be pronounced as..."