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ilo nanpa and its manual.

ilo nanpa (originally title-cased in English as Ilo Nanpa) is a physical calculator based on Toki Pona's number system designed by jan Sate (Sadale).

Functionality[edit | edit source]

ilo nanpa displays numbers additively, using LEDs that correspond to the numbers wan, tu, luka, mute, ale (here spelled ali), ale ale, and ale ale ale ale ale. An additional LED lights up when the number is ala or negative (signified as weka). It can store and display values from −1600 to 1600.

Each number word has a button that adds or subtracts it from the current number, depending on the state of the en/weka switch. There are also 4 extra buttons: ala sets the number to 0, pana stores it in memory, kama adds or subtracts the stored number (allowing for a crude form of multiplication), and tenpo turns on its timer/stopwatch mode. In this mode, it adds or subtracts 1 every second (or 20 times per second if the current number is negative), stopping with an alarm sound when it reaches 0 or one of the limit values.[1]

ilo nanpa lili[edit | edit source]

ilo nanpa lili is a simpler version of ilo nanpa, showcased at suno pi toki pona. It only has 4 LEDs, corresponding to the numbers ala, wan, tu, and mute, corresponding to the simpler number system of Toki Pona that doesn't differentiate between numbers above 2. It also only has 2 buttons, one to add 1 to the current count and one to reset it to ala. ilo nanpa lili is only sold in the form of kits, meant to be assembled by the customer.

ilo pi nanpa[edit | edit source]

Caution: The subject of this section is just for fun. It might not be meant or appropriate for serious use.

"ilo pi nanpa" is a YouTube Poop of the ilo nanpa promotional videos.[2] It is named after a common error made by learners of Toki Pona. pi rebrackets a multi-word modifier, so the phrase ilo pi nanpa would mean the same thing as ilo nanpa. Thus, the video title is purposefully ungrammatical.

In reference to "ilo pi nanpa", other videos have been named after similar grammar errors. For example, the title of "sina li nanpa" uses li even though the subject is only sina.[3]

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