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Sitelen latin lili (little latin letters) is a system of writing designed to be compatible with compose-key capable keyboards. It compresses visual space taken by the toki pona syllables into simply a vowel and a diacritic.

The system simply takes a vowel and its preceding consonant, if any. The consonant is turned into a diacritic, which then is placed on the vowel, as follows:

  • “jo” -> “ǫ” (compose: ,)
  • “ko” -> “ó” (compose: ´)
  • “lo” -> “ò” (compose: `)
  • “mo” -> “õ” (compose: ~)
  • “no” -> “no”
  • “po” -> “ô” (compose: ^)
  • “so” -> “ö” (compose: :)
  • “to” -> “ō” (compose: -)
  • “wo” -> “ȯ” (compose: .)

n is left without a diacritic on purpose to ensure there is no ambiguity should syllables like "non" arise.

“sitelen lili” can thus become “ïēèn ìì”. Note how whilst the first was 12 characters, the second is only 7, almost half the length of the first.

This system is incredibly flexible and can work in any number of internet chatroom and can easily help fit within username length restrictions. "soweli kijetesantakalu", for example, could become "öėì íęēänāáù".