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Linku (sitelen pona: Linku) is a free and open-source multilingual dictionary project for Toki Pona, including a collaborative dataset and a collection of tools.[1]

Linku includes various pieces of infrastructure to make its data available through webpages, Discord servers, and third-party projects. Unlike many prior dictionaries, Linku abstains from the English-style part-of-speech analysis, is more comprehensive in its selection of words, is more transparent about words' usage levels using original survey data, and is regularly updated.[2]

Name origin[edit | edit source]

The name Linku was coined by kala Asi in 2021 and is derived from the words linluwi, meaning "internet" or "interconnected", and ku, the second book by jan Sonja.[2] It was originally a temporary name but ended up becoming permanent.

Community[edit | edit source]

kulupu Linku[edit | edit source]

kulupu Linku is a Discord server for collaboration on Linku projects. Linku contributors include, but are not limited to:

  • jan Kekan San, kala Asi — general maintainers of all Linku projects
  • jan Ke Tami — maintainer of the font list
  • jan Telesi — work on sona Linku, and the new version of lipu Linku

nimi Linku[edit | edit source]

nimi Linku is a Crowdin Enterprise organization for localizing the Linku dataset.[3]

Data[edit | edit source]

sona Linku[edit | edit source]

sona Linku is a collaborative, free and open dataset, including the following:[4]

  • Localized dictionary of Toki Pona words, known as the "Linku dictionary",
  • Dictionary of non-notable Toki Pona words, known as the "Linku sandbox",
  • Localized dictionary of luka pona,
  • List of fonts for Toki Pona.

The Linku dictionary is a derivative work of nimi ale pona, created by jan inwin and maintained by lipamanka and jan Pensa.[5] It also includes several other sources, such as free sample of ku survey data by jan Sonja, nimi ali epiku by kapesi Pake, and description of sitelen pona etymologies by ilo Eko.[6]

The data is stored as TOML files, and automatically built to JSON files. As of January 2024, there is ongoing work to add an API for fetching smaller data objects instead of full JSON files.

sona Linku is a replacement for deprecated jasima Linku,[7] adding schema validation and Crowdin integration, and using TOML files instead of a Google spreadsheet as its data source.

ijo Linku[edit | edit source]

ijo Linku is a collection of multimedia files for use by other Linku projects. As of January 2024, it includes:[8]

nasin sitelen Linku[edit | edit source]

nasin sitelen Linku is a repository of fonts for Toki Pona.[9] The font collection is a subset of fonts listed in jasima Linku, limited to fonts that allow redistribution. As of January 2024, it contains 60 font files, and the repository may be merged with ijo Linku in the future.

Tools[edit | edit source]

lipu Linku[edit | edit source]

lipu Linku is a web frontend to the Linku dictionary, written in vanilla JavaScript.[10] As of January 2024, there is ongoing work on a replacement for lipu Linku using SvelteKit.[11] It was rolled out in beta on 30 March 2024.[12]

sitelen Linku is an unmaintained fork of lipu Linku designed to showcase a grid layout for sitelen pona.[13][edit | edit source] is a third-party web frontend written in SvelteKit by jan Tani. It uses the Linku dataset with several additional words.

ilo Linku[edit | edit source]

ilo Linku is a Discord bot with access to the Linku dataset. The most notable commands are:[14]

  • /n for requesting the dictionary definition of a word
  • /sp for displaying sitelen pona text in a given font

Word usage surveys[edit | edit source]

The Linku team puts out annual word usage surveys, to update the database with the best information, and to allow users to filter the dictionary by their preferred usage cutoff point. kala Asi discussed surveying words in a segment for suno pi toki pona 2023.[15]

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