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Nardi, also known as jan Nasi in Toki Pona, is an American music producer and singer from Cincinnati, Ohio, who writes music in various natural and constructed languages. Most of his music is in English, Toki Pona, or Spanish, but he has also written songs in Latin, Esperanto, Lingwa de Planeta, and Globasa. He is currently based in Columbus, Ohio.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Toki Pona songs[edit | edit source]

No. Title Year Links Notes
1 mi pilin e ni 2021
2 wile soweli 2021
3 pakala (feat. jan Usawi) 2021
4 o walo 2021
5 suno 2022
6 weka ike 2022
7 sina seme? (feat. Pata Powe) 2022
8 toki ala 2022
9 pona ike (bad friend) 2023 Trilingual in Toki Pona, English, and Spanish
10 kon nasa (crazy smoke) 2023 Bilingual in Toki Pona and English
11 O KUTE ALA 2024

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