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pona.la is a collection of websites and webtools related to Toki Pona.

Subdomains[edit | edit source]

lipu nimi[edit | edit source]

lipu nimi (nimi.pona.la) is a word-by-word translator of toki pona to English, or vice versa. It uses freely-available data from the Toki Pona Dictionary, though the free data isn’t the full version of the book. This dictionary tool is officially known “ku light” by the creator.

ma pona pi toki pona[edit | edit source]

Icon for ma pona pi toki pona

The subdomain ma.pona.la is a redirect to an invitation link to the ma pona pi toki pona Discord server. This server is a general purpose toki pona community to chat in and about Toki Pona. It has also been the main cultural center to this day.

ma Seka[edit | edit source]

ma Seka (seka.pona.la) is an instance of PeerTube, a free and open-source online video sharing and social media platform. It was created by jan Kita.

sike pona[edit | edit source]

sike pona (sike.pona.la) is a webring of several websites with Toki Pona-related content. Its website uses the wan-tu-mute counting system.

sona pona[edit | edit source]

sona pona (sona.pona.la) is an English-language wiki about Toki Pona created by jan Kita in August 2022. This is the wiki you’re reading this on!

suno pi toki pona[edit | edit source]

Logo of suno pi toki pona

suno.pona.la is the host website of the event suno pi toki pona. This website includes an archive of horizontal chronological timetables and information about previous events.

utala musi pi ma pona[edit | edit source]

utala musi pi ma pona (utala.pona.la) is an art and poetry contest website. It is home to many pieces of original Toki Pona literature, including Nasi, the longest piece of original Toki Pona literature yet.

Personal subdomains[edit | edit source]

pona.la has subdomains for personal websites and blogs for individuals.

Defunct domains[edit | edit source]

kulupu lipu pona[edit | edit source]

kulupu lipu pona (kulupu.pona.la) was a forum for Toki Pona. It was closed on 14 November 2023 due to moderation concerns over malicious spamming.

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