mijomi telo

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mijomi telo is a screenplay written by jan Sewa, jan Kawa and jan Inwin in 2021. It was made for a writing contest from utala musi pi ma pona, where it lost to tu kuntu.

Set in Barbados (ma Papeto), mijomi telo is a pirate story with LGBTQ+ themes. It uses various lesser known words, such as pake, kuntu, mijomi and melome, and is written without any letter capitalization.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • jan Ton, a miller on Barbados, jan Elijo's lover
  • jan Elijo, mije Wetepi's child, jan Ton's lover
  • mije lawa Wetepi, ruler of Barbados, father of jan Elijo
  • jan lawa Mokan, pirate captain
  • jan Sijana, pirate, trans lesbian
  • jan Sele, jan Sijana's girlfriend, prisoner in Barbados
  • jan Wekowi, a queer prisoner
  • queer prisoners
  • prison guard
  • pirate crew
  • mije Wetepi's butler

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