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Minecraft, usually tokiponized as musi Manka (sitelen pona: musi [ma alasa nena kiwen anpa], or alternatively, musi Manka), is a sandbox videogame developed by Mojang Studios, in which players explore and build in a procedurally generated block-based world. It notably includes language support for Toki Pona as of Java Edition 1.18.[1] The associated region is the fictional ma pona.

A resource pack for the sitelen pona writing system is available. By default, it also replaces English loanwords required by Mojang, such as monsuta Creeper, with full translations, in this case monsuta pakala.[2]

Speech style[edit | edit source]

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The Toki Pona translation of Minecraft uses several nimi sin. At release, kipisi, leko, monsuta, soko, pake, and powe were used within the main game text.[3]

The splash texts on the title screen are often joking in nature, and include various sentence fragments and unmarked questions. The splashes additionally use and mention the words apeja, epiku, isipin, kamalawala, ki, kin, kijetesantakalu, kokosila, kuntu, lanpan, linluwi, majuna, mijomi, monsutatesu, mulapisu, okepuma, pipo, polinpin, sikomo, sutopatikuna, tonsi, and wuwojiti. The splash "lenke, jatu, ini, san, se, nun, luko, take, patu, kajo!" makes reference to jan Lenoka's words for zero through nine.

There are, additionally, several joke nonce words: asu for a sneeze, gaming, ĭupekasi, supakalawejalisijepijalato(oo)si for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, to we mi pa so la si to for the solfège scale, and weni, wisi, wiki for the Latin phrase veni, vidi, vici.[4]

The End Poem uses ina, possibly a typo of insa.[5]

References[edit | edit source]

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