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Ma Toki Pona VR (MTPVR) is a VRChat group for discussing and practicing Toki Pona. It was founded by jan Toluneko (Fuopy), jan Laso Kasi, and jan Pepan in March 2022.[1][2] Its current owner is ilo Nija.[3] There are also several event hosts who ensure the planning and execution of events, including jan Asiku, jan Kekan San, jan Tekinowi, and kili Temeke.

There are weekly events every Saturday, as well as monthly crossover meetups together with with Projekto Babel, a Japan-based multilingual community dedicated to learning other languages and writing systems.[4][5] These events usually consist of museum visits, lessons, games, or roleplay periods all in VRChat, as well as minor events in other virtual reality titles.[3]

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