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This page is meant for requests for pages, files, templates, among other things. If you want a page to be made, but lack enough understanding about the topic to start it yourself, you may add it here. Edit this page using the button in the top right, then write your request in the following format:

* [[Page name]] - (description, if not obvious)

This will create a red link, indicating that the page does not exist yet. If you want to be notified when the page is created, click on it, then on the star button called "Watch". (On mobile, you will need to write out and visit the page URL manually, e.g.

Article requests[edit source]

Word article requests[edit source]

File requests[edit source]

  • Image showing the difference in the meanings of "mi tawa tomo" and "mi tawa lon tomo"

Template requests[edit source]

  • {{cite pu eo}}
  • {{cite pu de}}
  • {{cite pu fr}}
    • The templates above could have been {{cite pu|LANGUAGE|p=PAGE}} but it is too late now
  • {{Example tt}} for tuki tiki (other templates for it can use the abbreviation "tt")
  • {{Short description}} (see Wikipedia)

See also[edit source]

  • Wanted pages, an automatic list of nonexistent pages that are linked from elsewhere on the wiki