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sitelen Elina is a tokiponized name for the Greek alphabet, particularly as used to write Toki Pona.

In jan Misali's Conlang Critic episode reviewing Toki Pona, he presented a writing system that is functionally a simple cipher of sitelen Lasina. These letter assignments are:

Consonants Vowels
sitelen Lasina m n p t k s w l j i u e o a
sitelen Elina μ ν π τ κ σ β λ γ ι υ ε ο α

Other systems that are not 1:1 with sitelen Lasina have been proposed.[citation needed] For example, the sentence jan li pana e moku tawa sina can be written with multigraphs (highlighted), and with the acute accent to mark stress, as γιαν λι πάνα ε μόκου τάγουα σίνα.

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