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A chart showing various Toki Pona and Toki Ma words and their corresponding emojis.

Toki Pona Sitelen Emoji, known in Toki Pona as sitelen pilin, is a writing system that assigns an emoji to each word.

Sitelen Emoji was “chosen democratically. We have an open Discord committee that can make changes with approval of the subreddit…”

Usage[edit | edit source]

The following was simplified from the website:

Toki Pona Sitelen Emoji[edit | edit source]

Sentences[edit | edit source]

➖️ is used for a period (full stop) and ➗️ for a colon. Often, a new line is used to end a sentence for aesthetic reasons.

Proper Names[edit | edit source]

The 🔣 character encloses a phonetic spelling, similar to the sitelen pona cartouche.

Example: jan Sonja = 👤🔣🎁👋👇👤❗️🔣, which phonetically represents "jan Sonja." The words between the 🔣 characters spell out the name.

Latin Script[edit | edit source]

Online, it's common to use Latin letters for names (e.g., 👤Sonja).

Toki Ma Sitelen Emoji[edit | edit source]

Proper Names[edit | edit source]

Follow similar rules to Toki Pona, but syllables can be used instead of single letters.

Nasal Sound[edit | edit source]

The nena 👃 (smell) glyph is reserved for the nasal "-n".[edit | edit source]

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