Category:Pages needing reasons to need work

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Pages marked as needing work, but with no reason given, so it may be unclear whether work is still needed and when the template can be removed.

  • It is recommended to fix this by filling in the first parameter of the {{Needs work}} template with clarification: {{Needs work|Insert reason here}}
  • If only a specific section or sections need work, move the template to the section(s) and fill in the second parameter, such as {{Needs work|Insert reason here|section}} or {{Needs work|2=section}}.
  • If the page needs general work because it is short, replace the {{Needs work}} template with {{Stub}}.
  • If you know about the page's topic, have checked the content and formatting, and are sure that the template is outdated and no major work is needed, remove it.
To add a page to this category, use the template {{Needs work}}. Refer to that template's documentation.