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While there is no official mascot for Toki Pona, several Tokiponists have created anthropomorphized (or otherwise) characters that represent the language or are otherwise famous in the community.

[edit | edit source]

Toki Pona logo

The Toki Pona logo or symbol is a circle with three floating lines (emitters) above it, and a curve representing a smile inside. It is typically colored with ultramarine blue lines and an icterine yellow fill. It is retrofitted into sitelen pona as the combined glyph for toki pona (toki-pona).

The logo and its color scheme have been incorporated into many proposed mascot characters, often playing on the symbol's similarity to a smiling head.

jan pi toki pona[edit | edit source]

jan pi toki pona is a character representing Toki Pona in the webcomic Prolangs.[1] They were designed by Elemenopi and first appeared on October 31, 2020.[2]

They are a blue humanoid figure wearing a pointed hat with two floating emitters, a scarf based on the sitelen pona glyph for len (len), and a yellow cloak. Their body is outlined in yellow and is only detailed with a simple mouth and feet.

Toki Pona (itsmuffiiee)[edit | edit source]

Toki Pony[edit | edit source]

by zovasoda

dogi bona[edit | edit source]

by nick eman

kijetesantakalu[edit | edit source]

Glyph for kijetesantakalu in linja pona

The sitelen pona glyph for kijetesantakalu (kijetesantakalu) was designed by jan Same in 2019 for the linja pona font. It represents a raccoon sitting upright.

The design is well-liked within the Toki Pona community, and is treated as a mascot character and a tokiponist symbol. It has inspired many other proposed mascots that are raccoons or similar creatures.

kijetesantakalu (jan Ke Tami)[edit | edit source]

kijetesantakalu is the main character in the original webcomic series kijetesantakalu o! written by jan Ke Tami.[3][4]

kijetesantakalu (itsmuffiiee)[edit | edit source]

kijetesantakalu pona[edit | edit source]

by waso kemu

meli pi telo nasa[edit | edit source]

meli pi telo nasa is a woman made out of beer cans. It was featured in the short video "meli Biermädchen", made by jan Lakuse and jan Tepo in suno pi toki pona 2022.[5]

Stickers catgirl[edit | edit source]

solalis Lalage garden

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