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Persistent Headnouns is a nasin of an unknown origin[citation needed]. It makes all proper nouns have headnouns, with a few exceptions. Persistent Headnouns was created to reduce ambiguity when speaking while keeping the majority of proper nouns the same.


Any time a proper noun is said, that proper noun should have a relevant headnoun. If the headnoun is not known, ijo can be used. Any words that are part of the proper noun must then have capital first letters. If a name has a dedicated sitelen pona glyph, that glyph may be used.


toki [toki-pona] li pona tawa mi.

the language Toki Pona is good to me.

toki Toki Pona li pona tawa mi.

o lukin e lipu [lipu tenpo] sin

Read the new Lipu Tenpo zine.

o lukin e lipu Lipu Tenpo sin.


Names of people

If a person does not use a headnoun, does not have capitalization in their name, or does not want their name written like this, you should not use Persistent Headnouns on their name. If the name is the name of a character or pet, their owner is the person who decides how to write their name.

Requests for names of works

If someone owns a work and asks you not to refer to it with a Persistent Headnoun, do not.