From sona pona
    nasin in sitelen pona
    nasin in sitelen sitelen
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    Usage 2023: Core (100% ↗ )
    2022: Core (99%)
    Book and era nimi pu
    Part of speech Content word
    Codepoint 󱤿 U+F193F

    nasin is a content word that can be glossed as "way". It can be used to refer to physical ways used for travel, like paths and roads, as well as ways of doing things, like methods, customs, and doctrines.

    Meta usage[edit | edit source]

    When discussing Toki Pona in other languages, some speakers use the word nasin to describe ways of speaking it, such as dialects or idiolects.

    That said, nothing about this nasin toki is unusual.[1]

    References[edit | edit source]

    1. kili pan Juli, nasin toki pona.