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This template notes work that must be done to improve an article (thus making it ineligible for lipu pona designation). Remove the template when the issue has been resolved.

All articles with this template appear in Category:Articles needing work.

It is recommended to describe the specific issue in parameter 1: {{Needs work/en|Describe the issue here}}

Parameter 2 allows you to describe the scope of the issue. The template should also be placed at the start of this scope. For example, if it only applies to a section: {{Needs work/en|Describe the issue here|section}} or {{Needs work/en|scope=section}}

Template data

Message that notes issues with an article

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Work needed1

What do you think this article lacks?

history of the word, sitelen pona etymology
Scopescope 2

Fills in the "This ___ needs work" string.

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