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Documentation[edit source]

Using the HTML lang attribute, this template tags the language as Toki Pona for the text that is passed in.

Motivation[edit source]

This might become useful for various technologies as Toki Pona gains wider support. For example, ideally:

  • Browsers would use appropriate hyphenation and ligature rules.
  • Screen readers and other speech synthesizers would use Toki Pona pronunciations, like {{tok|mute}} as /ˈmu.te/ instead of /mjuwt/.
  • Translation software would detect the source language as Toki Pona, instead of finding false positives for other languages.
  • Spelling and grammar checkers would use Toki Pona dictionaries and syntax, instead of checking against English or another primary language.

See also the WCAG "Language of Parts" guideline.

Customization[edit source]

You can customize how Toki Pona text looks for your account using this CSS selector:

:not(.sitelen-pona) > :lang(tok) {


Template data[edit source]

Tags the language as Toki Pona for the text passed in

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Toki Pona text1

no description

jan li pana e moku tawa sina