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  • It is trivial, and perfectly allowed, to construct Toki Pona phrases that contradict Ingsoc orthodoxy. nasin pi lawa ma li ken ike. "A government's ways can be bad." sona ala li wawa ala. "Ignorance is not strength."
  • Toki Pona encourages critical thinking because of its limitations. To discuss something well, you must understand it well and figure out an informative way to describe it. This provides new insights and makes it clear when there is an opportunity to learn more about the world.
  • By giving practice with circumlocution, Toki Pona can improve your faculty with other languages, rather than erode it. This makes it easier to define terms, and to give descriptions in place of unknown, forgotten terms.
  • Unlike Newspeak, Toki Pona avoids euphemism. The English "downsized for profitability" might be rendered lawa esun li wile awen jo e mani mute li weka e jan mute ("The head of the business wanted to keep having a lot of money and removed a lot of people"; "mass firing for greed"). Even if you do find a way around saying what you mean directly, it may be considered rude to obscure the true meaning.