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  • Toki Pona is learned by choice, not by force. It is meant for self-control, not controlling others. It is specialized and is not an international auxiliary language (IAL); it is not meant to displace any other language.
  • Newspeak would only be practical as the speaker's only language; through their other languages, a polyglot would know concepts that Newspeak intends to destroy. Toki Pona is meant as a temporary reprieve from other languages. The community specifically does not support raising a child as a Toki Pona monolingual, considering this language deprivation, mainly because not being able to use Toki Pona with most people would cause the child to miss the critical period to acquire language faculty.
  • While Toki Pona is designed to reflect a certain ideology, it is possible to speak in ways that are incongruous with it. For example, the word kijetesantakalu contradicts it, yet is in widespread use. While Newspeak would work to deprecate such a word, Toki Pona has officially endorsed learning about it. Similarly, while Toki Pona's ideology is one of peace and simplicity, it is entirely possible to use Toki Pona to advocate for war, needless complexity, or even hateful ideologies. Toki Pona's ideology also has no political goal and is not authoritarian.
  • Newspeak is a thought experiment with no known speakers. It only has a limited description in Nineteen Eighty-Four and its appendix, "The Principles of Newspeak". Without making noncanonical additions, Newspeak cannot be realized to the extent that its fictional speakers use it. You may take Orwell's word that Newspeak would have the effects described in Nineteen Eighty-Four, but this is speculation. Toki Pona is a full, real, well-defined language with a speaking community, so it is possible to conduct actual, safe research on its effects.