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Its goal is to be "a standard font that was simple and that could be read easily at different sizes"—"the Arial of sitelen pona"[1]. In an effort to make most of the glyphs fill a square bounding box, linja pona heavily diverges from some of glyphs proportions from pu. For example, the loops in linja pona's pronoun (mi sina ona) and lape (lape) glyphs take up most of the space, which may make them harder to read or distinguish; its glyph for palisa (palisa) is also quite wide.

  1. jan Same [u/jan-Same] (20 May 2020). [Comment on "linja pona font update"]. r/tokipona. Reddit.
    Thank you! With linja pona, I tried to make the Arial of sitelen pona.
    An uniform simple design that could be easily read whatever the size.