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is the most commonly used original writing system in Toki Pona, and the second-most after the Latin script.[1] Learners might find sitelen pona useful for memorizing words' meanings.

  1. jan Tamalu. "Results of the 2022 Toki Pona census". GitHub. Retrieved 11 April 2024.

    The data regarding writing systems is quite similar to the last [2021] census. The only significant difference is that now 71% of people reported to at least know sitelen pona, while this figure was 61% before. This might be due to new better systems to write and interact with sitelen pona in different platforms and the ensuing new content created in sitelen pona. It is nice that so many people are learning sitelen pona. To put this number in perspective, more people report to know sitelen pona than people that report that they know 8 or more of the 17 Ku suli words.