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From sona pona, the Toki Pona wiki

a collaboration between jan Kita, tonsi Losi, and (indirectly) kili, based on the Elian Script by C. C. Elian (origin on ma pona)

text documentation

imagine a tic-tac-toe grid, and place consonants in it like so:

p t k
m n l
w s j

the order might change! see here

the edges that each consonant touches make up the shape for that consonant (e.g. p is _|)

you can then write that shape with:

  • equal-length edges to add a, e.g. _| is pa
  • at least one different-length edge to add e or i, e.g. ___| is pe or pi
  • at least one different-length edge and a dot/dash/squiggle (placed such that it clearly belongs to the glyph) to add o or u, e.g. .___| or __߸| or ___¦ is po or pu

special case: n can be any closed shape (e.g. o), and to achieve a different-length edge you should draw a line sticking out of it (e.g. )

coda n can be written either like wo/wu or like na with a dot (e.g. pan can be _| ·‾‾| or _| ꙩ)

lone vowels are written as just lines (either vertical or horizontal), with short _ being a and long ___ being e/i etc

writing order is roughly top-to-bottom left-to-right with explicitly no required baselines; as long as it’s readable you can go ham (including putting glyphs in other glyphs)

spacing between words is usually nonexistent unless needed, e.g. to disambiguate between kalama and kala ma; one could also use nubs or something to mark stress instead, or switch between colors on every word

the lines can also be as short or as long as you want, with the caveat that long enough dashes might be confused for vowels

if you need to disambiguate between e/i or o/u (e.g. in names or ken/kin or just all the time if you really wanna) you can either:

  • make the lines for i/u distinctly longer than for e/o, or
  • extend one of the lines for i/u a bit past its neighbors so that it forms an intersection, e.g. _|___ for ki; for vowel glyphs, either add a nub in the middle (__|__) or make it cross the line wherever (+----)

image documentation