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    Alternate gender glyphs

    3 sitelen pona glyphs, proposed by jan Deni. All three are formed by a circle, with an uppercase latin character overlaid on the bottom part of the circle. For mije, a "J" is used. For meli, and "L" is used. For tonsi, a "T" is used.
    Alternate gender glyphs proposed by jan Deni

    My proposal for alternate gender glyphs. I created them using these goals:

    • Recognizable: Use a recognizable radical. I used the circle from "jan"
    • Unbiased: Should not be based on stereotypical features (broad shoulders, long hair, hijab), or astrological/gender signs like ♂/♀
    • Memorable: Include a memory aid, since gender and the glyphs to represent it are arbitrary. I used unique latin characters taken from each toki pona word. J for mije, L for meli, T for tonsi.
    • Unambiguous: The shapes should not be confusable for a combination of stacked or nested glyphs. To avoid reading anything like "ijo X", I took the latin character and made it overlap with the circle. Normal glyph stacking never does this, so it's unambiguous

    Community reception


    I polled ma pona about the glyphs, to very positive feedback. I have not seen any other proposal be this well received.

    A poll posted on ma pona pi toki pona, asking for feedback on the gender glyphs
    Gender glyph feedback poll on ma pona pi toki pona
    • pona tawa mi / ike tawa mi - 60 pona, 18 ike
    • mi ken kepeken ni / mi wile ala kepeken ni - 11 kepeken, 28 wile ala
    • jan ante li kepeken la ni li ike ala / jan o kepeken ala - 36 ike ala, 1 kepeken ala

    Font support

    lipamanka has said that they will include these as alternate glyphs if/when they return to working on linja lipamanka