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nasin nimi pi mu open is a name writing system created by jan Toluneko, similar to nasin pu, nasin sitelen kalama, and nasin sitelen kalama pi linja lili. It always represents one syllable with one sitelen pona glyph.


The nasin is written with a vertical line, at the top-right of a glyph. Similar to nasin sitelen kalama pi linja lili, it can also be written with the vertical line above each glyph, crossing the cartouche. A single vertical line means the first syllable is read, omitting coda n:

jan [kijetesantakalu'tonsi'] jan Kito

Two vertical lines mean that the first syllable is read, adding coda n:

jan [kijetesantakalu"tonsi"] jan Kinton

A vertical line after the cartouche means that the first syllable of every word in the cartouche is read:

jan [kijetesantakalu tonsi]' jan Kito

Same for two vertical lines:

jan [kijetesantakalu tonsi]" jan Kinton


jan [tomo lupa nena ko]' jan Toluneko
waso [ken lili]' waso Keli
ma [meli wile kama]' ma Mewika
toki [pali li]' toki Pali
jan [sona"jan'] jan Sonja
ma [ale'len"sina'nasin'] ma Alensina
ma [sumi]' ma Sumi
ma [sijelo'jelo'la'][li'jo"] ma Sijela Lijon
jan [pona'] jan Po
jan [pona nasin]' jan Pona
jan [taso'pona'linja"] jan Tapolin
jan [anpa"] jan An
jan [anpa"pali'] jan Anpa
jan [en" wile'] jan Enwi
jan [kepeken'pilin e ken"] jan Kepeken
jan [pali li jo]' jan Palijo


jan Toluneko came up with the system because he had difficulty reading nasin sitelen kalama.

He originally wrote the nasin using the Japanese symbols " and °. He later revised the system to use the Latin symbols ' and " instead, for ease of typing.

The name is not finalized.