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[li nanpa] (sitelen pona:ale li nanpa )

is a video in Toki Pona made by jan Kekan San. He made a video dubbed in English entitled Everything is Numbers. They express the idea of simulated realities and that computers may handle them, that humanity may live very long for that to be the case, and that we may be numbers. Then he says that it may not be the case and something bad could happen to humans before we see that take place. After that, he says the idea that our memories seem very real to us and nothing can change that.

sina li nanpa

Caution: The subject of this section is just for fun. It might not be meant or appropriate for serious use.

"sina li nanpa " is a YouTube Poop of the ale li nanpa conceptial video which is named after a Toki Pona grammar error. It uses li although sina is a subject that does not need “li” on its own. The Title is inspired by a video named ilo pi nanpa where the pi is not needed.