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Rebecca Gabriella Bettencourt[1] (pronouns: she/her), known in Toki Pona as jan Lepeka (sitelen pona: jan [lili en pona en kule ale]; name glyph: melinjakulekule), is an American software engineer, font designer, typesetter, and the founder and the maintainer of the Under-ConScript Unicode Registry (UCSUR). Outside of Toki Pona, she is a lifetime individual member of the Unicode Consortium,[2] and has authored and co-authored Unicode proposals, such as for the Symbols for Legacy Computing block.[3]

Her name glyph (a.k.a. melinjakulekule) combines sitelen pona glyphs for meli, nja and kule,[4] and its meaning is "colorful queer catgirl."[5]

Fonts[edit | edit source]

jan Lepeka's Fairfax font family includes sitelen pona coverage. The Fairfax Pona series and the sitelen seli kiwen font family are specialized for sitelen pona.

Input methods[edit | edit source]

jan Lepeka has created a keyboard layout that maps to the sitelen pona UCSUR range.

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