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The existence of native speakers of Toki Pona is a contentious issue. Since the language was only completed in 2014, it is questionable whether there has been enough time for native speakers to emerge. Still, there are some claims to native speakers.

Erik Sealander[edit | edit source]

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Reddit user u/eriksealander, referred to Erik Sealander throughout the rest of the article, is a language teacher and is controversially considered the father of the first native speakers of Toki Pona. In an interview with Aronora, he stated that he started teaching his children Toki Pona as he is a language enthusiast and for the benefits of multilingualism at a young age. His children are also multilingual in both English and Arabic.[1][2]

Sealander has stated that his older daughter, called jan Lililan, can understand the basics of Toki Pona, answering prompts and producing speech. The first unprompted phrase from her, according to him, was "ni li palisa", when pointing to an electric pole.[3] In 2021, he posted a picture of her sitelen pona writing practice claiming that she could recognize 43 glyphs with flash cards at only four-years old.[4]

However, these claims has come into scrutiny by others. In 2023, after meeting in person with both Sealander and his family, jan Kekan San noted that the children did not speak Toki Pona to him and could not answer questions when prompted, only .[5] He later on went to call this "at best stretching the truth and at worst a hoax".[6] In a blog post, jan Olijpija suggested that the children may have learnt Toki Pona, but failed to maintain it as they grew up. She compared this example to children in Wales learning Welsh, where because of the lack of prestige of the language, speakers tend to have insufficient skills in it.[6]

Satire[edit | edit source]

On 16 April 2022, Oziji uploaded a satirical video titled "English with a toki pona accent" in which he acts a native Toki Pona speaker and tries to pronounce certain English sentences. Later, on November 16, the same channel uploaded another video named “Toki Pona Native Speaker Reads Dr. Seuss” in which he acts the same Toki Pona speaker trying to learn more English by trying to pronounce phrases from books written by Dr. Seuss.[7]

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