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"toki pona", also known as "toki pona li toki pona", is a Vocaloid song made by tobiah released in 2013.[1] On 11 April 2020, a uploader named Ōsumi Akari (Japanese: 大隅あかり) republished the song onto YouTube, together with a simple animation and a Japanese translation.[2] It has been featured on two medleys of Toki Pona music by jan Misali, kijetesumikyoku (2021) and ryuupekosi (2022).[3][4]

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

The lyrics consist of the two phrases below repeated multiple times. The second verse in particular literally means "you are all many good people", but it is likely that the intended meaning is "you are very good people", which would instead be sina jan pi pona mute.

toki pona li toki pona.
sina jan pona mute.

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