List of English words from Toki Pona

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This is a list of English words derived from Toki Pona, most of which are used to discuss Toki Pona itself. It does not encompass Toki Ponglish, a form of code-switching in which any English or Toki Pona word can occur.

J[edit | edit source]

IPA: /jɑnt/
(adjective) Avoiding the Toki Pona word jan.
(noun) This style of speech.

N[edit | edit source]

IPA: /ˈniːmiːˌsiːn/
Any non-pu word; any new word; any joke word (used in Toki Pona as well, but more commonly in English).
IPA: /ˌniːmiːˈsiːnər/, /-ˈsɪnər/
(noun) A creator or user of nimi sin (Toki Pona neologisms and extra words).

P[edit | edit source]

IPA: /piːnt/
(adjective) Avoiding the Toki Pona word pi.
(noun) This style of speech.
pu-rist or purist
IPA: /ˈpuʊrɪst/, /ˈpʊrɪst/
(adjective) Trying to closely match the style of Toki Pona used in the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good.
(noun) A proponent of this style of speech.
pu-rism or purism (noun) This style of speech or its philosophy.

S[edit | edit source]

sitelenponize (also capitalized)
IPA: /ˌsiːtəlɛnˈpoʊnaɪz/, /ˌsɪ-/
(verb) To convert into sitelen pona (a logographic writing system).
sitelenponization (noun), sitelenponized (adjective)

T[edit | edit source]

tokiponist or tokiponian or tokiponan (also capitalized)
IPA: /ˌtoʊkiːˈpoʊnɪst/
(noun, also tokiponer) A speaker or proponent of Toki Pona.
(adjective) Of Toki Pona's philosophy.
tokiponize or tokiponise (also capitalized)
IPA: /ˌtoʊkiːˈpownaɪz/
(verb) To make into Toki Pona, especially to convert (a name) into Toki Pona's phonology.
tokiponization or tokiponisation (noun), tokiponized or tokiponised (adjective)