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This is a list of media coverage from outside the Toki Pona community.

News coverage[edit | edit source]

In other languages[edit | edit source]

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  • 20 Minuten another link 2007, Le toki pona est la nouvelle langue à la mode sur le net [in French]
  • Unidivers (in French)
  • Ulyces (in French) Peut-on tout dire avec la langue la plus concise du monde? [Can we say everything in the most concise language in the world? Translated from The Atlantic (2015) above]
  • L'Obs (in French) [reprinted from Ulyces above]
  • Das Übersehene im Offensichtlichen, Der Tagesspiegel; 2020 (in German) [TP only mentioned]
  • El Confidencial 2020, El idioma de 120 palabras que "te hace feliz", explicado por la única española que lo habla [The 120-word language that "makes you happy", explained by the only Spanish who speaks it] (in Spanish)
  • Der Tagesspiegel 2020 (in German)
  • Sasapost (in Arabic)
  • BelPressa 2019 (in Russian)
  • Focus (in Russian)
  • Linguis (in Russian)
  • Geektimes (in Russian)
  • Naukablog (in Russian)
  • 2019, Tomasz Smoczyk z Leszna mówi 15 językami. Zna nawet język toki pona [ZDJĘCIA] (Tomasz Smoczyk from Leszno speaks 15 languages. He even knows Toki Pona [Photos]. In Polish). Karolina Bodzińska
  • Uczmysiejezykow (in Polish)
  • Nyelv és Tudomány (in Hungarian)
  • Арт-революция another link (Art Revolution) on МТРК «Мир» (TV and radio company Mir) (2007, 16-minute segment on constructed languages in Russian)

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