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Spencer van der Meulen (pronouns: he/they), known in the Toki Pona community as jan Pensa

(sitelen pona:
jan [pana e nasin sona ante]
;[1] name glyph: Pensa)

, is a Dutch Tokiponist and Esperantist. He is the translator and editor of Tokipono: La lingvo de bono, the 2022 Esperanto edition of Toki Pona: The Language of Good. He is also credited in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Toki Pona edition) as a proofreader.

jan Pensa is known for making multilingual translations of songs, thereby often linking Toki Pona culture and Esperanto culture. In August 2021, jan Pensa submitted the successful application for toki pona's inclusion in ISO 639-3 as the primary contact person.[2]

jan Sonja recommends jan Pensa as a freelance Toki Pona translator and proofreader.[3]

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