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The frequency of phonemes in Toki Pona is equivalent to letter frequency in sitelen Lasina and other phonemic writing systems. There have been several analyses of these statistics.

According to Marek Blahuš, Toki Pona's vowel distribution is similar to other languages', while for the consonants, /l/ is unusually frequent, and /t/ unusually infrequent.[1] This may be influenced by the ubiquity of the particle li,[a] and the palatalization of the disallowed syllable *ti to si.

/X/ Frequency
j. Jakopo (≤2005)[2] increpare (2019)[3]
/a/ 0.172% 78489
/e/ 0.074% 38048
/i/ 0.148% 76698
/j/ 0.030% 7173
/k/ 0.051% 23231
/l/ 0.102% 48078
/m/ 0.044% 28147
/n/ 0.116% 55747
/o/ 0.077% 41835
/p/ 0.037% 23403
/s/ 0.041% 20699
/t/ 0.046% 25683
/u/ 0.032% 13249
/w/ 0.028% 10225

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  1. In all declarative and interrogative sentences with compound and third-person subjects

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