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    This is a non-exhaustive list of the writing systems created for Toki Pona.

    sitelen Lasina, sitelen pona by jan Sonja, and sitelen sitelen by Jonathan Gabel are the 3 writing systems featured in Toki Pona: The Language of Good. They are also the best known and most widely understood. However, tinkerers often invent other writing systems for personal or aesthetic expression, data compression, compatibility with other natural-language writing systems, neographic experiments with the limited vocabulary, or just for fun.

    Types of writing systems[edit | edit source]

    • Abjad: Only consonants are written; the reader must infer vowels. (Impure abjads may have optional vowel diacritics or a limited number of vowel glyphs.)
    • Abugida: Each symbol is a consonant with secondary vowel notation.
    • Alphabet: Consonants and vowels are written separately. sitelen Lasina and the IPA are examples of alphabets.
    • Logography: Each symbol is a word. sitelen pona and the word glyphs of sitelen sitelen are examples of logographies.
    • Syllabary: Each symbol is a syllable or mora. The syllable glyphs of sitelen sitelen are an example of a syllabary.

    List of writing systems[edit | edit source]

    Name Creator Type Description Text sample
    jan li pana e moku tawa sina
    sitelen Enli
    aka ✎ ⟄ ᑈ ☺ (sitelen pi toki pona)
    Henrik Theiling Logography Toki Pona words represented by Unicode symbols ⵅ ↴ ✉ ↱ ☕ ⇥ ⇈
    sitelen jaki kulupu pi wawa unu Logography Doesn't support gender, colours and numbers sitelen jaki sample.png
    sitelen Kansi Logography, sitelen Kansi Adaptations of Hanzi 人为发向食于尔
    Chinese transliteration scheme Logography, sitelen Kansi By the simplified Chinese Toki Pona community on Tencent QQ, decided by a vote. Most people primarily write Toki Pona using Latin script. 人兮出予乎食向尔(Note: 出&予 have equal votes for pana in the first round, and are equally valid. One should be used instead of both)
    sitelen ko Logography Cuneiform style script sitelen ko sample.png
    sitelen kule jan Mena Logography Assigns a colour to each word, with a sorting and color names based on jan Misali's proposed names for colours. Names are indicated by a toggle "white". Sentences are indicated by line breaks or a double "white". sitelen kule sample.png
    sitelen mun jan Jonatan Logography Based on Gallifreyan sitelen mun sample.png
    sitelen Nelan Logography sitelen Nelan sample.png
    sitelen Nosu jan Lane Logography ꊿꆹꁵꀔꋠꁧꆏ
    sitelen palisa jan ilo Katapin Logography A 14-segment logography for Toki Pona sitelen palisa sample.png
    sitelen Emosi Logography, emoji
    sitelen pilin Logography, emoji 👤▶️📤⏩🍽️↪️👉
    sitelen jelo waso Keli Logography, emoji 🧑▶️🙌⏩🍜🛫👆
    sitelen pona jan Sonja Logography, sitelenponido jan li pana e moku tawa sina
    sitelen akesi ilo Eko, with contributions from jan Sonja, jan Tepo Logography, sitelenponido An adaptation of sitelen pona in ASCII (which sounds a lot like akesi) ,O, > “n’ >> DC /\_ b
    sitelen pona Juniko Logography, sitelenponido Various attempts at representing sitelen pona with Unicode symbols
    sitelen Asuki jan pi nimi ala Logography, sitelenponido A larger-scale ASCII adaptation of sitelen pona
     .-.   \   \ | /  \\    \__/    /|   |      
    |   |   \    __    \\    __    / |   |---.  
    '._.'   /   /  |   //   /  |  /  |   |   |  
     / \   /   V   |  //   V   |  \  |_   '-'   
    sitelen luka jan Kaja Logography, sitelenponido sitelen pona adapted to be faster for handwriting sitelen luka sample.png
    sitelen pipi Plum of the Palette system Logography, sitelenponido A combination of Toki Pona and Hollow Night's writing aesthetics sitelen pipi sample.png
    sitelen pona pona Logography, sitelenponido

    Adaptation of sitelen pona and font with the following stated goals:

    • remove redundant information from glyphs
    • use a consistent shape inventory
    • fit glyphs onto a baseline, descending or ascending when appropriate
    • make glyphs easy to differentiate at small sizes
    • align with standard Latin punctuation and text (can be used inline)

    spp sample.png
    sitelen telo Momo Logography, sitelenponido Very stylised sitelen pona, as a font sitelen telo Momo sample.png
    sitelen Antowi jan Jeli Logography, sitelenponido Material design version of sitelen pona, as a font sitelen Antowi sample.png
    sitelen lili jan Kokan Ato Logography, sitelenponido Alternate "streamlined" design of sitelen pona, as a font sitelen lili sample.png
    sitelen pona Sonko jan Ose Logography, sitelenponido Chinese seal script inspired sitelen pona sitelen pona Sonko sample.png
    sitelen Precomposed Vowel Characters Logography Each word is exactly 1 Unicode character ĩâởeÀǘỠ
    sitelen sitelen (or sitelen suwi) Jonathan Gabel Logography with alphasyllabary sitelen sitelen sample.png
    sitelen telo Logography Japanese aesthetic sitelen telo sample.png
    sitelen Tewa jan Tewa Logography Intended for handwriting. Mixes logography and alphabet use of characters depending on diacritics. sitelen Tewa sample.png
    toki pona lili jan Wija Logography Each word is 2 characters long. JnLiPnEeMkTwSi
    sitelen Aki Syllabary Each syllable is represented by a single ASCII character. j l bn e Oq Tw sn
    sitelen Ilakana Syllabary, sitelen Ilakana Adaptations of Hiragana for Toki Pona やん り ぱな え もく たわ しな
    sitelen Diacritics Abugida
    sitelen Elijan Abugida sitelen Elijan sample.png
    sitelen Kanujapa Abugida Adaptation of Canadian Aboriginal syllabics for Toki Pona ᔭᓐ ᓕ ᐸᓇ ᐁ ᒧᑰ ᑕᕙ ᓯᓇ // ᔭᓐ ᓕ ᐸᓇ ᐄ ᒨᑯ ᑕᕙ ᓯᓇ
    sitelen lape jan Ali Abugida Syllables derived from sitelen pona sitelen lape sample.png
    sitelen lili sin Abugida sitelen lili sin sample.png
    sitelen Tawi Abugida Adaptation of Thai script ยันลิปะนะเอะโมะกุตะวะซินะ
    aborlan/tagbanwa orthography Abugida an abugida script with three vowels (the a is implied). By nja Emikilikity ᜶ᝬᝨ ᝮᝲ ᝩᝨ ᝡ ᝫᝳᝣᝳ ᝦᝯ ᝰᝲᝨ᜶
    sitelen Alapi Abjad Arabic ين لي پنا ه مكو توا سنا
    sitelen nanpa Abjad Hex number writing system 1D030650B042089075
    sitelen pakala jan pi poki pi telo seli kasi Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen pakala jan pi poki pi telo seli kasi sample.png
    sitelen pakala jan Samsta36 Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen pakala jan samsta36 sample.png
    sitelen palisa Heav Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen palisa heav sample.png
    sitelen palisa ilo Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen palisa ilo sample.png
    sitelen pi ike mute jan pi sona lili Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) ͯͣ͆ ͬͥ ͩͣ͆ͣ ͤ ͫͦͨͧ ͭͣͪͣ ͮͥ͆ͣ
    sitelen pi ike mute pipi Motan Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) ýchė[ ėkėSUPA eauble i ė企ė[ ý⁷ ėg[
    sitelen pi linja lili Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen pi linja lili sample.png
    sitelen pi linja mute ala Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen pi linja mute ala sample.png
    sitelen pi linja wan Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen pi linja wan sample.png
    sitelen Setasan Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen setasan sample.png
    sitelen Sewakana Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen sewakana sample.png
    sitelen soweli Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen soweli sample.png
    sitelen toki pi linja wan Alphabet, unsorted (WIP) sitelen toki pi linja wan sample.png
    sitelen Anku Alphasyllabary Hangul 얀 리 파나 에 모구 타와 시나
    sitelen Asi jan Juli Alphasyllabary Writing wu, wo, ji, ti automagically results in u, o, i, si. sitelen Asi sample.png
    sitelen kasi linja Nathan McCoy Alphasyllabary Includes a blocky style called sitelen kasi leko sitelen kasi linja sample.png
    sitelen leko soweli Apen Alphasyllabary


    sitelen linja jan Tiko Alphasyllabary sitelen linja sample.png
    sitelen Nowa jan Nowa Alphasyllabary Glyph design inspired by Arabic script, but combined similar to Hangul script sitelen Nowa sample.png
    sitelen Musisan Alphasyllabary sitelen Musisan sample.png
    sitelen pi jan Nuwoma jan Nuwoma Alphasyllabary sitelen pi jan Nuwoma sample.png
    sitelen pi nasin sijelo monsuta Alphasyllabary sitelen pi nasin sijelo monsuta sample.png
    sitelen poka Alphasyllabary sitelen poka sample.png
    sitelen pona jan Mimoku Alphasyllabary sitelen pona jan mimoku sample.png
    sitelen sike akesi kon Nalasuni Alphasyllabary sitelen sike jan nalathnidragon sample.png
    sitelen sinpin jan Jese Alphasyllabary To be carved on rocks and wood like Elder Futhark sitelen sinpin jan jese sample.png
    sitelen sinpin jan soweli Apen Alphasyllabary sitelen sinpin jan soweli apen sample.png
    sitelen sinpin lili jan soweli Apen Alphasyllabary Condensed form of sitelen sinpin—each face can fit a whole word. sitelen sinpin lili sample.png
    sitelen suwi ko akesi kon Nalasuni Alphasyllabary For writing in sand sitelen suwi ko sample.png
    sitelen uta Alphasyllabary sitelen uta sample.png
    sitelen Lasina Alphabet, non-featural

    Latin characters, broadly identical to the International Phonetic Alphabet

    jan li pana e moku tawa sina
    sitelen Lasina majuna Alphabet, non-featural IAN LI PANA E MOCV TAVA SINA
    sitelen esun jan Emelilijan Alphabet, non-featural sitelen esun is an interlace orthography based on Kēlen. Consonants in sitelen esun are combinations of loops and vowels are combinations of crossovers.
    sitelen kalama nanpa san jan Sewaka (JupiterBoy100) Alphabet, non-featural
    sitelen linja leko Alphabet, non-featural sitelen linja leko sample.png
    sitelen Elina Alphabet, non-featural Greek γιαν λι πάνα ε μόκου τάγουα σίνα
    sitelen Kililisa Alphabet, non-featural йан ли пана е моку тава сина
    sitelen Pusake Alphabet, non-featural ᛃᚨᚾ ᛚᛁ ᛈᚨᚾᚨ ᛖ ᛗᛟᚲᚢ᛫
    sitelen sike jan omch Alphabet, non-featural sitelen sike jan omch sample.png
    sitelen musi Alphabet, compressed sitelen musi sample.png
    linja pi kute mute Alphabet, compressed linja pi kute mute sample.png
    linja pi kama wan Alphabet, compressed linja pi kama wan sample.png
    sitelen aeiou Alphabet, compressed iae ui aaea e ioou oaaa eiea.
    shorthand with only 6 strokes Alphabet, compressed File:shorthand with only 6 strokes sample.png

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