sitelen Lasina

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    sitelen Lasina is a common tokiponized name for the Latin alphabet. According to the 2022 Toki Pona census, it is by far the most commonly used writing system for Toki Pona, preferred by about 3 times as many people as the bespoke sitelen pona.[1]

    Letters[edit | edit source]

    Toki Pona uses 14 letters. Consonants are pronounced as in the International Phonetic Alphabet[note 1]. For more about pronunciation, see Phonology.

    j k l m n p s t w
    [j] [k] [l] [m] [n] [p] [s] [t] [w]

    Vowels can also be pronounced as in the IPA, but according to pu are ideally more centered, with /a/ being centralized and /e o/ being lowered to mid.

    a e i o u
    [ä] [e̞] [i] [o̞] [u]

    Capitalization[edit | edit source]

    Capital letters are not used in any common words[note 1], not even at the beginning of a sentence—only in names. Thus, most text is completely lowercase. Because names are proper adjectives that conventionally follow a common headnoun, sentences almost always start with lowercase letters (unless the first word is a nonstandard name).

    Suli sitelen ni li ike.

    Nonstandard capitalization

    suli sitelen ni li pona.

    Standard capitalization

    Autocorrect may add unwanted capitalization that is nonstandard in sitelen Lasina. See Autocorrect § Dealing with automatic capitalization.

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    Notes[edit | edit source]

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