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    Square poems[edit | edit source]

    leko nimi[edit | edit source]

    The archetypical leko nimi is a short poem in sitelen pona consisting of an equal amount of lines and words per line forming a square. The poem can then be read both horizontally (usually left-to-right) and vertically (usually top-to-bottom). How strict these rules apply to a particular poem is up to the author.

    In an informal emoji reaction poll on the Discord server ma pona pi toki pona,[1] 19 respondants knew about the format already, while 51 were new to the format. 7 reported having made one.

    Letter squares[edit | edit source]

    There are 39 possible letter squares with each line and each row being exactly one word, if used with Linku words (with 2022 data)

    Syllable squares[edit | edit source]

    References[edit | edit source]

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