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nasin nanpa kijetesantakalu

After a lot of deliberation, I have finally come up with my very own nasin nanpa that I believe stays true to the philosophy of Toki Pona.

Like some others, it uses base-6, with the most significant digit spoken first. Unlike some others, it allocates a few extra words for this. The words are pronounced similarly to the existing word kijetesantakalu, but the stress is placed differently.

The digit 5 represented with the second syllable stressed, the digit 4 is represented with the third syllable stressed, and so on, up to 0, with the last syllable stressed. Do not be deceived; these are still different words!

Stress is not marked in written form.


mi wile e kili kijetesantakalu kijetesantakalu.
I would like thirty apples.

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