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nimi ku lili[edit | edit source]

should we use the terms "nimi ku lili" or "nimi ku pi suli ala" in this article + in the rest of the wiki? in my opinion, it should stay as nimi ku lili. that term is the vastly more commonly used and recognised throughout the community (even by jan Sonja it seems, by search on Discord).

on kulupu Linku, there was a discussion with waso Keli and jan Kekan San where they argued that "suli ala" is a better translation for "unimportant" and that it was jan inwin who introduced "liil" for that. for me though, that doesn't matter too much when this is sort of a lexicalised phrase at this point. SnpoSuwan (talk) 19:05, 12 December 2023 (UTC)Reply