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oh hello. I'm jan Juwan or just Juwan to my non-Toki Pona friends.


Below is a list of works and contribuitions I have made to Toki Pona. It is not a lot, but I am proud of it.

  • Contributor to this wiki and lipu Wikipesija.
  • Contributor to Linku with Sutton SignWriting for luka pona and translations in Brazilianto Portuguese.[1]
  • Vonlunteer to lipu tenpo as a proofreader and also wrote a bit.
    • Cowrote the article "ijo sin pi lipu Wikipesija", together with jan Alonola, for lipu tenpo nanpa sin.[2]


  • You can find me at User:JnpoJuwan on Wikimedia wikis.
  • I run a wiki myself! See Pewiki, a wiki about my and my friend's personal conworld.



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