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kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo QQ is a Chinese-language Toki Pona community on Tencent QQ. The group was founded on 4 May 2013. However, the current group was reestablished at a later date.[1]

Community innovations[edit | edit source]

Anno Tokiponae[edit | edit source]

Anno Tokiponae is an alternative calendar system, where starts at 2001 AD, the year of the first public post of Toki Pona by jan Sonja. This era may not have a specific expression in Toki Pona due to its unique nature. For instance, the current year is tenpo sike nanpa mute tu tu. This era can be recognized as a Sinosphere era name as 道本X年.

kasi[edit | edit source]

In the community, The word kasi, as a modifier, means means laughter or humor. It is a semantic loan from the Japanese internet slang (kusa, "grass"), itself from the word 笑う (warau), abbreviated as w, which is reminescent of grassland.

The Garden of God[edit | edit source]

The Garden of God is a Chinese novel by an unknown author (sometimes supposed to be jan Ala), narrating a spaceship pilot crash-landing in a secluded primitive planet called ma pona.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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