ma pona

    From sona pona

    ma pona is a common name for a hypothetical place where Toki Pona is spoken, especially one that embodies the language's philosophy. It is used as the base for some community names like ma pona pi toki pona. It is also given as the fictional locale for the Toki Pona language option in Minecraft.

    "Real ma pona"[edit | edit source]

    Some tokiponists have suggested creating a physical Toki Pona nation, similar to Lojbanistan and Esperantujo. There was a trend on lipu Wesi of designing national symbols (flags, anthems, etc.) and civil infrastructure (government systems, identity documents, road signs, etc.) based on markers of established civilizations. Mouseless, writing in his website, criticized this notion of a "real ma pona" for its basis in colonialism and patriotism.[1]

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