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Here's an email I sent on February 4th, 2022 to contributors of the ISO 639-3 code proposal of 2021, as a bit of a celebration of the fact that the new ISO code was accepted, and to inform the last few people who hadn't heard the news yet.

I spent some time writing a draft in English, translating it to Toki Pona as best as I could, and then change the English to be even closer to the Toki Pona version. Then I also got jan Ke Tami and jan Tepo to proofread it, who corrected some factual mistakes and gave suggestions for other improvements.

There aren't many proofread Toki Pona texts around of this type and length that also include an English translation, so I thought it would probably be worth sharing this text publicly, with a CC0 waiver.

The subject line was

ISO code "tok" is accepted. sina ale li pona!

and the text was as follows:


tenpo esun pini la kulupu SIL li toki e ni tawa jan ale: wile nimi mi pi nasin ISO 639-3 li pona li kama lon! jan mute pi sina ale li kama sona e ni lon tenpo pini. taso awen la mi wile toki e ni: sina ale li pona mute tan ni: sina pana e nimi sina tawa lipu wile pi nimi ISO. kin la, ken mute la jan pi mute ala li lon sina li sona ala e sona sin ni. jan ni kin o sona e ijo pona ni!

Last week, SIL publicly announced that they accepted our ISO 639-3 code application! Most of you probably already know, but I still wanted to say thank you to all of you who co-signed the ISO code application. There are also bound to be some of you who missed the news, so I wanted to inform them as well.

ni la, sina ale li pona mute a! jan mute li pali lon lipu wile pi nimi ISO lon tenpo suno nanpa pini li pali e ni: lipu wile pi pona meso taso li kama pona mute a! sina ale li lon ala la pona ale ni li ken ala. sina pona.

So, a huge thank you to all of you! There were many people who helped out on the last day to make the ISO code application go from okay to excellent! We couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks again.

nimi sin ni pi nasin ISO 639-3 li pana e ken sin tawa kulupu pi toki pona. tenpo ni la jan li pali e ijo mute ni:

The new ISO 639-3 code brings new possibilities for the Toki Pona community. Here are some things people are already working on:

kulupu Wikimesija li ken e ni: toki pona li kama toki sin pi lipu Wikitata (Wikidata) lon tenpo kama lili. ale li pona la, ken la lipu Wikipesija pi toki pona kin li ken kama lon lipu

Wikimedia is allowing implementation of Toki Pona on Wikidata, and if we're lucky, we may even get an official Toki Pona Wikipedia again (at

ante la, kulupu pi lipu CLDR li pali e ni lon tenpo kama lili: jan li ken pana e nimi tawa lipu ona kepeken toki pona. lipu CLDR li jo e nimi mute lon toki mute. toki ale ona la sona ni li lon: nimi pi toki ante en nimi ma en nimi mani en nimi tenpo en nimi nanpa en nasin nanpa en ijo ante mute li seme? ilo mute li ken kepeken toki ante kepeken sona pi lipu ni. tenpo kama la ona li ken sona e toki pona kin.

A new Toki Pona CLDR locale is also approved, and people will soon be able to suggest Toki Pona translations. CLDR is a database of translations of language names, country names, currency names, expressions of time, number systems, and much more. Various kinds of software use this data for localization and translation in all kinds of languages, and soon they will have data for Toki Pona too.

ante kin la, jan li pali e lipu wile pi nasin Juniko (Unicode) lon tenpo ni. ona li pini ala, taso jan ale li ken lukin e lipu wile pi tenpo ni lon lipu pi nasin UCSUR.

Furthermore, there is a Unicode proposal being worked on, a draft of which is currently on UCSUR's website.

tenpo kama li pona la nimi sin ni pi nasin ISO 639-3 li open e nasin tawa ijo mute pona ante lon tenpo kama li wawa e kulupu pi toki pona.

Hopefully the new ISO 639-3 code will open the way for much more in our future, and be a boon to the Toki Pona community.

o awen pona!

jan Pensa

(jan Tepo en jan Ke Tami li pona mute tan ni: ona li lukin e lipu ni li pona e ona.)