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toki! I'm Spencer, a Toki Pona and Esperanto enthusiast from the Netherlands. I'm known as jan Pensa in Toki Pona, and my Esperanto nickname is Spenĉjo. I became active in Toki Pona in 2016.

I'm jan:Pensa on lipu Wikipesija and Spenĉjo on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites.

Essays and guides

Some Toki Pona things I wrote


  • mi en waso Kaka en monsuta pi ma kasi – a short novella about a child and a hunter who encounter a monster in the forest. It is an original story written for a Toki Pona writing contest in 2023, where it won first price in its category. (8453 words; about 90 minutes)
  • monsuta pi moku nimi - an original mythological story about how the world and the animals and the first monster came to be. Lots of animal characters. (8550 words; about 90 minutes)
  • jan monsuta loje – my Toki Pona version of 泣いた赤鬼 (Naita Aka-oni, "The red ogre who cried") by Hamada Hirosuke, a classic Japanese fairy tale about the value of friendship. (727 words; about 6 minutes)
jan Kekan San also read this story aloud for an episode of the kalama sin podcast, which you can find here.


  • a, pilin mi o – a Toki Pona version of Ho, mia kor', the first and most well-known Esperanto poem. I wrote it as a bonus text for the Esperanto translation of pu. (50 words; about 20 seconds)


Some miscellaneous stuff that I put enough effort into to share here.

  • ISO code thank you email (2022) – a bilingual email I wrote (in Toki Pona and English) to the contributors of the ISO 639-3 code proposal of 2021. It was to inform them that the ISO code was accepted (for those that hadn't heard already) and to thank them for their involvement.
  • Foreword to the Esperanto edition of pu (2022) – where I talked about the relationship between the Esperanto and Toki Pona communities and Toki Pona's growth spurt in the preceding years, followed by an explanation of the ku footnotes and other bonus content I added to the Esperanto version of pu. (written in Esperanto, English and Toki Pona translations included)

Silly stuff I made

(Just for fun, not really meant for serious use)