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This article is not meant to be comprehensive. Rather it lists of sitelen pona posts, where many glyphs were created, for helping editors track down the earliest version of a glyph.


  • <2014: Snapshots of sitelen pona on the Toki Pona Forums.
  • 2014: Sonja publishes sitelen pona in the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good.
  • 2014: jan Wesi publishes the first sitelen pona font called toki pona OTF.
  • 2016: James Flear (jan Same) publishes version 1.0 of linja pona.
    • With feedback from Stephan Schneider (jan Tepan), he proposed the glyphs for kin, kipisi, monsuta, namako, oko, pake.
    • The glyphs for apeja (designed by Jakob Vogel) and kijetesantakalu were decided by a vote.