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Logo of lipu Wikipesija, written in sitelen sitelen and small-caps sitelen Lasina, with slogan lipu sona pi jan ale

lipu Wikipesija is an unofficial Toki Pona-language edition of Wikipedia. As of November 2023, it contains over 1900+ pages, of which 150 are dictionary pages written in toki pona taso. It also used to host 2 informational pages written in English: Where is Toki Pona used? and History of Toki Pona, which have since been moved to sona pona.

History[edit | edit source]

lipu Wikipesija started out as an official edition of Wikipedia ( in 2004.[1] In 2009, the wiki was moved to Wikia (now Fandom) in 2008 and decommissioned on 2009, as Toki Pona was deemed too impractical by Wikimedia staff. In April 2021, it was then moved to its own dedicated server and domain (

References[edit | edit source]

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